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3 Common Social Media Mistakes Made By Businesses

3 Common Social Media Mistakes Made By Businesses

07 Jul, 2017

Similar to real life social situations, social media for business purposes has its own set of faux pas and protocols that marketers should be aware of to make sure you get the most out of your social media efforts (and don’t accidentally rub your audience up the wrong way) we’ve identified a few of the most common mistakes businesses can make in the social sphere: 

1. Dead-end communication

The new saying goes, “Content is King, but Engagement is Queen”* Great content is not going to get far if you’re putting content out there and then not responding to any comments or questions – even the curly ones. 

Social media is a great way for consumers to view your company as more than a name. It’s an opportunity to create a connection with your audience and gain a glimpse of your brand from an ‘outsiders perspective’ that can help drive bigger-picture marketing initiatives.

Conversation is the backbone of social media, avoid talking at your audience and talk with them.

2. Holding on to forced relevance

Queue cringe. Christmas, New Year, Sports, Politics. Whenever an exciting event pops up, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will see brands trying to tie their names and products to a current story that is doing the rounds on the internet, but who is this really helping? 

Your audience is pretty good at deciphering the intention behind these types of posts.  Forcing your product to fit into a current event usually isn’t received well, despite best intentions. Similar to an old pair of jeans, your brand can outgrow its social strategy – and it’s obvious to everyone when we try to fit into something outdated and outgrown.

Remember that social media is forever changing and best practice is always evolving. It’s a safe bet that the “tried and true” tactics of 2014 will more than likely flop in 2017. 

There is nothing wrong with wishing your fans and followers a Merry Christmas, but just leave it at that.

3. Not having a true “Call To Action”

You don’t want to create a well worded, cross-channel post that includes a blog and an awesome photo gallery, to then be let down by low engagement and minimal change to the number of website visitors.

Often, people can forget one of the main “points” of a social interaction – a Call To Action (CTA). A good CTA will encourage a user journey – to find out more, view more images, visit a website or sign up to something.

Whatever the action you want your followers to take once they have seen your post, make it clear and easy to follow. Provide links to the sites you want your viewers to visit and continue to interact with them.

Whilst we have focused on 3 key areas that often limited success on social media, there are many more.  With the increased importance placed on social media, it is a valuable channel to communicate with customers. It’s not enough to just be present on social media anymore – a clear strategy for content, communication and community management must be in place to get the most out of social media for your business.

* http://www.business2community.com/marketing/content-king-engagement-queen-01498491#wy75QwFMzSHAKOYe.97

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