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Digital Publications have evolved in recent years, giving users an unrivalled interactive experience with integrated links, videos, images and more.

Generating Leads with Digital Publications

25 Oct, 2017

Replacing hard copy or physical publications with a digital, interactive version is a trend that is gaining more momentum.  The increased use of mobile and ever-changing digital landscape continues to see print publications decline in use and popularity. Digital Publications have evolved in recent years, giving users an unrivalled interactive experience with integrated links, videos, images and more.

With over 87% of Australians accessing the internet daily for information about products, reviews and shopping – it is easy to see why digital publications are a growing phenomenon. So, what exactly are digital publications? How do they differ from a standard electronic publication? And how can we use them to generate leads for your business?

A standard electronic publication is simply a printed material, such as a magazine, that can be viewed and browsed through online. A digital publication, on the other hand, makes the magazine more interactive with the ability to embed links, videos and more. This allows users to interact with the publication, and allows you to guide their journey and ultimately get them to that call to action.

It is obvious that digital publications save cost and time – without the need to print – however there are even bigger benefits to your business. The power of digital marketing allows you to connect with your audience with limitless reach. Digital publications are “always on”, so you can reach anyone who has access to their device – instantly. Digital catalogues, for example, have now become engaging by allowing users to click for more information or place an immediate order for your products. So, your digital publications can work harder for you to generate leads and even sales.

For simple accessibility, all digital publications can be uploaded to your website making it easy for website visitors to use. Increase the time that visitors spend on your site, and the way they use and interact with your site, by including digital publications. 

Here are some examples of recent digital publications that IMA has developed for our clients, giving you a feel for the clickable elements and interactivity available.

JLG – Access Digital Magazine
Iveco – TruckScene Digital Magazine

If you have any questions, or would like to know how you can use digital publications for your business, please get in touch with IMA today by contacting our Digital Team on 02 4627 8011.

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