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Questions to Ask your Social Media Manager

28 Feb, 2018

You don’t need to be a pro in the Social Media space to know the right business questions to ask those who are. Here’s a collection of the top questions to ask your Social Media Manager or Agency to ensure your investment in Social is performing where it matters (and will continue to do so).

How are we developing content and why are we doing it this way? 

It’s important to understand not just what you’re posting, but also why you’re posting it. Is it relevant to your target audience? Is there a strategy behind your roll out of content and is there a healthy mix of content being posted? (Read more about the ideal content mix here).

In addition to understanding the kind of content you’re posting, it’s also important to ensure what’s being posted in supporting your broader business activities and goals. Share your business objectives with the people looking after your Social Media content, so they can align their plan with yours.

How are we measuring our success?

There are varying ideas on what makes a successful social media presence. Long gone are the days where number of followers you have is enough to be considered a success. Metrics such as views and numbers of likes are still important, but much more is needed to measure real success on Social Media.

Make sure the people looking after your platform are reporting on metrics that translate into customer loyalty and engagement, not just vanity metrics. Set realistic KPI (Key Performance Indicator) goals for the metrics that matter the most and track progress regularly. If you’re not performing where it matters, you may need to adjust your strategy.

Are we utilising paid advertising and if so, how?

Having a dedicated advertising spend on social is a good plan, assuming your promotions are set up correctly. Promotions should always be set up with a defined audience and a call to action. Without a defined audience, you’re essentially throwing money to the wind with no guarantee that you’ll see any real results. Defining the audience goes past selecting age and location. What type of person do you want your promoted content to reach? What are they interested in? What profession do they work in? Is there a buyer’s journey to consider? If so, at what point in this journey do you want to capture them? The more defined the audience, the higher the chances of a successful promotion.

Second to this is a call-to-action (CTA). Whilst not every single post needs a standout CTA, it’s wise that your promoted content does. Consider what your campaign is about, what is the next step you want people to take after they see your ad? Make sure the next step for your audience is clear and easy to follow. This, coupled with targeting the right audience primes your promotion to deliver the strongest possible results.

If you’d like to know more, get in touch with our Social Media Specialists: digital@imab2b.com.

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