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A Flaw in WiFi Security Protocol could allow attackers to intercept passwords.

A Flaw in WiFi Security Protocol Could Allow Attackers to Intercept Passwords

20 Oct, 2017

This week researchers have discovered a serious weakness in the WPA2 WiFi protocol, which could allow attackers within range of a vulnerable device or access point to intercept passwords, emails, credit card numbers, photos, chat messages and other encrypted data. This exploit has been called KRACK, which is short for Key Reinstallation AttaCKs. The flaw is most effective against Android phones & Linux based devices and to a lesser extent MacOS & Windows operating systems.   

Using HTTPS based URLs will not guarantee total protection against the threat as the weakness allows attackers to bypass HTTPS security through non-browser software.

How to Protect Your Business Against KRACK

Patches are slowly becoming available to WiFi routers, computers and phones, so make sure you perform a system update to protect your devices against this attack.

Until your router or device has been updated you should avoid using using WiFi if you intend to use your network or the internet for sensitive transactions or where information is sensitive. If WiFi is your only option to access the internet try to only use sites which have HTTPS security.


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