A Business Guide to Navigating Facebook

How to Grab a Shareable Facebook Link for Any Post

Need an individual post URL, or a link to a particular post on your page? Here’s a simple way of obtaining the direct post URL to share – It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Click On the Menu Icon On the Post With the URL That You’re After, and Navigate to ‘Embed’

navigate to embed
2. Once You Have Clicked On ‘Embed’, Click Through to Advanced Settings

click through to advanced settings
3.  A New Tab Will Open, and Here Is Where You Can Find Your Post URL. Just Copy the URL From Here, and You Are Good to Go!


How to Edit a Facebook Post Without Deleting or Changing the Post

So you were posting to your company page, and just after you hit publish you realise you’ve made a typo! Luckily, this can easily be fixed. Did you know that you can edit your post without having to delete it? Here’s how:

1. Click On The Menu Icon On the Post With the URL That You Are After, and Navigate to ‘Edit Post’

edit post
2.  Edit Your Post Copy As You See Fit; Adding or Removing Text or Images. 

3. Once You’re Happy With These Changes, Click Save. Your Updates Will Be Added to the Post. Your Post Date and Time Will Also Remain the Same As When You Originally Posted.

However, there are some editing restrictions in place;

  • Editing URLs, ink images and linked titles
  • Posts that have been boosted

In these instances, your only option is to start from scratch.

NOTE: Your edits can be seen publicly!  (that’s if someone looks for them). This is important to keep in mind, because your error might be too significant, embarrassing or damaging to your brand to risk being found.

You can view the edit history of any post by navigating to ‘View Edit History’

Here, you can see previous versions and edits of the post. So, if you needed to revert your post back to the way it was, you can see those details here.


Restrict the Audience You Post To

Do you need to post an offer to a segment of your followers?

Perhaps you have an exclusive deal specific to one location…

A clear mistake is to market irrelevant content to your audience as they will disengage. The solution to your problem is to use Facebook’s restricted audience settings.

NOTE: If your business has fewer than 5,000 page likes you’ll need to allow audience optimisation for your page posits;

Restricted audience settings allows you to filter by location, age and most of Facebook’s available demographics. Here’s how to restrict the audience of your post;

1. Once You’ve Started to Draft a Post, Click On the ‘Public’ Drop Down Button, then Navigate to ‘Restricted Audience’.

2. In ‘Restricted audience’, Another Popup Will Appear. This Is Where You Can Alter the Audience Of Your Posts.

To restrict age: use the drop down menu to select age parameters

Location restrictions: start typing in the area that you would like to target. A list of potential locations will appear. Once you see what you are looking for, just click to add!

When targeting cities, you can broaden your targeting to include the area within a radius of the city you have chosen.

TIP: You can also add locations in bulk. This is handy when you have an extensive list of inclusions for your post audience.

This can save time when frequently restricting audiences. If you have a list saved somewhere, you can copy and paste into Facebook. Facebook
gives you a few bulk location adding options here:

NOTE: The restricted audience targeting cannot be edited or removed once in place, so be sure to double check your restrictions before posting.


How to Schedule Posts to Fit Your Schedule

If you don’t want to be up all hours of the night posting on Facebook to best reach your audience, you should consider scheduling your posts.  Scheduling posts allows you to choose when your post goes live down to the minute. You can even schedule sponsored posts too!

1. When Your Post Is Ready, Navigate to ‘Schedule’. 

2. Here Is Where You Can Select the Date and Time That You Want Our Post to Go Live.

If you want to select a time that you wish for your post to stop being shown in News Feeds, you can do that here by checking the
box and entering the date and time that you are after.

3. After Clicking Schedule, You Can View Your Scheduling By Heading to ‘Publishing Tools’, Or Clicking On ‘See post’ As Seen below.

Here in the ‘Scheduled Posts’ section, you can see a list of your posts, and the time it is due out. From here, you can edit, delete, reschedule,
publish or backdate your posts. If you would like to sponsor one of your scheduled posts, simply click on the post that you would like to
boost and select ‘Boost Post’.

From here, you can boost your ad as normal, even though the post is not live.

TIP: How to get the most out of your posting schedule
Get the best chance of reaching your audience by posting your content at peak times. Facebook Insights let you see when your
followers are likely to be online. Here’s how to access this feature:

1. Navigate to the ‘Insights’ Tab At the Top Of Your Facebook Page;

2. Click On Posts category, and Here You Can View a Weekly Snapshot Of the Times and Days That Your Page Followers Are Active.

The table shows recent weekly average of peak online times. If you want more detail on a particular day, hover over the day that  you are
interested in above the table to see its specific time map.


Backdating a Post

You want to post something and it’s too late to be relevant, but you still want to get your message out.

Perhaps you are a bit late to the latest news update, or slightly behind on the latest viral social media trend. Never fear, Facebook allows you to backdate a post.

Although it doesn’t turn back time, this is a sneaky hack that can come in useful when post timing is critical.

Here’s how to change the date of a post:

1. Once Your Post Is Ready to Go Live, Use the Drop-down Menu to Navigate to The ‘Backdate’ Option

2. From Here, You Can Change Year, Month and Date Of the Post. If You Want the Post to Look Truly Backdated, Select the ‘Hide From News Feed’ option.

Once you’re happy with the date and click ‘Backdate’, the post will automatically go live with the date that you have chosen. It will now appear in the past on your page timeline.

Once you refresh the page, the post will move to the correct date order.

TIP: You can also backdate a post that is already live, just navigate to ‘Change date’ in the drop-down menu.


How to Export Your Posts, Engagements, Views (and more) from Facebook

Perhaps you want to delve further into your Facebook data and learn more about what’s working and what parts of your marketing strategy needs improvement; to achieve this head to your insights tab and download your Facebook page insights data!

Here’s how;

1. Navigate To Your Insights Tab On The Page You Manage;

2. Select Which Data Type You Require

Here is a quick breakdown of each data type;

  • Page data: This is your page data showing overall page interactions.
  • Post data: Choose this option if you want specific post performance data.
  • Video data: Useful if you use video content on your Page.

3. Click On Export data.

NOTE: You can only export data up to 2 years ago from the current date.

Additionally, for any data extraction Facebook will not allow a date range exceeding 180 days and or 500 posts at one time. Basically, if you require a larger sample of your data, you’ll need to combine your files manually.

4. Choose The Relevant Date Range (Up To 180 Days) And Make Sure To Click ‘OK’ Otherwise The Default Date Range Will Remain In Place.

5. Select ‘All Page Data’ In The Layout Drop Down And Click ‘Export Data’. Your Data Will Start Downloading Immediately.

TIP: If you are only after certain stats, customise your columns! Simply select ‘Make new custom layout’. Here, you will be able to tailor it to exactly what you need, as well as determine what order the data will be presented.

Once you have created a custom layout, it will also be saved in the drop down for next time.


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