B2B Marketing Budgets

Deloitte recently published an article about the marketing budgets of various industries. Here, we’re recapping the most important things to take away for B2B companies.

Interestingly, the mining/construction industry is included in the top 4 largest percentages of budget allocation to marketing. Other large B2B industries such as transportation and manufacturing have a low 8% of their budget assigned to marketing.

marketing budgets by industry graph regarding overall budget breakdowns

When you take a deeper look into how those marketing budgets are divided, you can see it is fairly similar for B2B products or services.

marketing expenses by industry graph

The article outlines 4 factors that influence marketing budgets;

  • Marketing’s ability to influence revenue
  • Social media’s contribution to revenue
  • The use of data and analytics to determine marketing decisions
  • The organisational structure of marketing and sales departments

How does your marketing budget stack up to these figures?

Source: Deloitte – Who has the biggest marketing budgets

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