PR, content & social

We leverage PR, content and social media as a suite of tactical tools to support the broader marketing strategy.

B2B sales has changed forever. Buyers are more willing than ever before to spend big through remote or online sales channels. B2B leaders are embracing the new normal of omnichannel sales. Customers use different sales channels—for example, face-to-face, videoconferencing, online chat, or online marketplaces—at different stages of the buying journey.

As this shift happens it will be ever more important to communicate clearly with your traditional customer base, as well as prospective new customers. We create PR, Social and content programs tailored to your buyer segments to serve timely and impactful communications at each stage of the process.

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Our core capabilities:
PR & social media strategy
Production of creative content
Media & distribution
Long form video
Short impactful Social content
Organic & paid social media management
Strong trade media relationships
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