Value proposition / Website / Customer Acquisition

Tech startup go-to-market approach


Since the company’s inception in 2019, buildAI had been focused on developing their MVP and getting the software and hardware to market with select pilot customers.

When the concept of using advanced AI tech to improve construction efficiency proved more than viable, the business was ready to scale.

I.M.A was engaged to clarify the value proposition and go-to-market messaging along with developing the marketing and sales collateral to support the sales team – including the new website.

BuildAI persona example named Ryan
BuildAI persona example named Kelly
BuildAI website wireframe examples
Our thinking

I.M.A started out by helping to get the messaging right. Then we set about developing the names and offering of the three core services.

As the product is difficult to explain in words alone, we chose to simplify the customer experience by visually showcasing the functionality via UI and hardware demos.

We explored their initial customer journey work and ensured the information architecture and website journey spoke simply and clearly to the needs of the various buyer personas.

Mockup of BuildAI website on laptop, tablet and mobile

We developed a bold, contemporary look and feel that aligned with the tech company’s roots.
Icons and striking visual cues helped to create the identity of the product suite.

We used a mixture of static imagery, animated gifs and live footage from the product’s hardware to bring the offer to life and reflect the key user needs.

Colours and type for buildAI branding
BuildAI website design

The outcome is a new web presence and experience that clearly defines the VP and showcases the various features and integrations, and succinctly communicates the product’s value.

Beyond the website, the initial strategic marketing and VP workshop has developed a framework of sales messages that can now be leveraged across all communications and sales activities moving forward.

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