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Local launch of global building material brand

Smiling tradesperson on top of a building

A significant ownership restructure within the Australian plasterboard industry in 2021 led prominent global construction materials manufacturer, Etex Group, to seek out I.M.A to relaunch Knauf products and services in Australia under a new name, Siniat.

Although Siniat was widely known and well regarded in other markets, it was largely unheard of in Australia, leading to concerns that Siniat would take time to find its place and gain acceptance among local builders and plasterers here.

Siniat digital design showing sketch of a building design in front of trees
Our thinking

As well as clearly defining the name change, the project positioned Siniat as the partner of choice for ceiling and walling solutions, including plasterboard, metal framing and associated accessories, as well as promoting Siniat as the ‘go-to’ place for expert advice. We also needed to reassure and retain the current customer base, while attracting and engaging prospective customers.

Following research and insights work with Siniat customers and staff, I.MA developing a concept that was attention-grabbing and memorable, yet simple. The big thought was: ‘Same, same, better’.

An apartment interior in Sydney showing the harbour bridge and Opera house

‘Same, same, better’ provided the scope to easily extend the message across key target audiences such as installers, builders and architects, right through to distributors and their staff.

With all the exciting opportunities that come with a new brand, it was vital to maintain stability and assurance. This proposition allowed Siniat to speak to both points – the ‘new’ and the ‘familiar’. It also allowed the conversation to be shifted from low-level commodity product supply, elevating the discussion to what’s ‘BETTER’ with Siniat – a true solutions’ partner.

‘Same, same, better’


The new brand launch also provided a platform for several other broader marketing activities and was timed to coincide with the launch of the company’s new Blueprint Technical Manual, a document that provides full details, technical specifications and application guides for the Siniat range.

The new positioning was extremely well received by Siniat and its customers, setting a solid foundation for Siniat to continue building its brand and customer relationships.

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