Maximising the value of the most powerful tool on the internet – search engines.

Google Ads campaigns are the most effective and fastest way to ensure your content appears at the top of search responses.
Google Ads is not only flexible and responsive but also delivers results almost immediately. Additionally, these campaigns can be highly targeted allowing us to pinpoint the target audience at the time you want – we can even nominate the type of device the audience receives your ads on.

The key to any successful Google ads campaign is not just increased traffic but increased relevant traffic. You can do this through IMA’s tailored Google Ads packages which includes:

  • Ensuring both Google Ads and Google Analytics are synced to optimise reporting
  • In-depth keyword research and refinement / Optimising keywords for specific campaigns
  • Professional ad copy and creative design
  • Optimising your landing pages

By applying the strategies above, we can ensure that your landing pages are designed to do exactly what you want:

  • Drive lead form completions
  • Drive direct sales
  • Drive sign-ups & registrations
  • Drive branding campaigns through key page views
  • Drive click to call conversions
  • Drive app downloads

Our Expertise

We offer a comprehensive and cohesive range of marketing services and capabilities that enable us to help clients large and small with projects of all natures and all sizes. From research to strategy to concept to creation – and beyond and between – our skills and experience cover all the bases to ensure our clients receive complete marketing solutions that deliver results.

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Our Process

Our straight-up approach means we cut to the point to get business for your business and create marketing solutions that give your products and services cut through in today’s crowded B2B marketplace.

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