The most important way to ensure online success.

Search Engine Optimisation ensures your website is attractive to Google and other search engines. IMA’s SEO consultants have the know-how to both increase website traffic and to deliver real leads.

SEO is not a strategy that can be implemented once then forgotten, it needs to be continuously monitored month to month, to ensure the website remains relevant in the digital space. In establishing an SEO program, IMA will examine a client’s website as well as those of competitors and tailor a plan that’s right for the client.

Our SEO process and packages include:

  • Initial website audit and review
  • Keyword identification, prioritisation & optimisation
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Technical SEO audit & optimisations
  • Backlink audit
  • Content quality review – on/off site
  • Strategy and direction
  • Reporting & forecasting

Our Expertise

We offer a comprehensive and cohesive range of marketing services and capabilities that enable us to help clients large and small with projects of all natures and all sizes. From research to strategy to concept to creation – and beyond and between – our skills and experience cover all the bases to ensure our clients receive complete marketing solutions that deliver results.

Who we’ve helped grow

Our Process

Our straight-up approach means we cut to the point to get business for your business and create marketing solutions that give your products and services cut through in today’s crowded B2B marketplace.

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