Helping businesses sell to businesses since 2000.

At I.M.A we provide the complete suite of marketing solutions to help you sell your products and services to other businesses, especially (but not exclusively) in the construction, industrial, technical and engineering sectors.

Making the hard to understand, easy to sell.

We ‘get’ B2B and the challenges you face, from wading through the complexities of your strategy to creating simple to understand, go-to-market executions. And we can help you at every stage of your journey.

Industry specialists, trusted by industry heavyweights.

Not just another B2B agency.

When you take I.M.A on as a business partner, you’ll discover we work with integrity, passion and conviction; to us it’s not just a transaction. Our senior people work by your side from day one, because it’s what they genuinely love to do. Once in, we’re all in!

What’s your unique B2B challenge?

We’re all ears, and we’re here to help you grow your business.