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Rebrand: Global Energy Major

TotalEnergies logo

Total Oil, the world’s third largest oil company, changed its name to TotalEnergies. I.M.A was engaged to develop the narrative and campaign to rebrand the company in the Australian market.

The business aimed to anchor its strategic transformation into a broad energy company in its identity. In tandem with this name change, TotalEnergies adopted a new visual identity. This new name and new visual identity embody the course TotalEnergies has set for itself: that of a broad energy company committed to producing and providing energies that are ever more affordable, reliable and clean.

TotalEnergies ambition is to reach Net Zero by 2050, and to be a major player in the energy transition. The responsible energy major.

Woman charging her car
Our thinking

I.M.A developed an integrated advertising campaign across various media channels promoting and educating on the re-brand/transformation of the company.

The new TotalEnergies name had very little awareness in Australia, and so we used clever messaging and visuals to retain the existing equity, link the new name and logo to the previous identity.

Car driving through forest
Oil drums shaped as feet

Impactful visual designs were created to cut through the clutter and link the traditional lubricants side of the business with the transformational elements of the offer. The creative concepts worked hard to promote lubricants and clean energy together.

Renewable energy
TotalEnergies flyers
Run smooth ad
Team members working on solar panels

The campaign successfully engaged staff, distributors and customers, communicating the change via a social media campaign, Corporate sales collateral and selling tools.

It drove deep engagement across B2B markets including; passenger car, transport, agriculture, earthmoving and civil construction, mining, power gen, food grade and industrial.

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