GME App Launch Brand Awareness Campaign

The Brief

GME’s CB radio platform—XRS Connect™ is a tried and tested technology with a loyal fan base. So GME pushed their innovation agenda even harder and created the XRS Connect Location Services App, combining the power of XRS™ with the GPS engine and display of a smartphone or tablet. Off the back of developing the brand’s overarching strategic positioning, our task was to raise awareness of the app launch. But how do we get the attention of this fiercely brand loyal audience.

The Solution

Our audience loves the latest technology, so we developed a teaser campaign that was designed to fuel their intrigue and imagination. A series of content was strategically leaked over the campaign period with registrants receiving VIP product reveals and early access to further drive hype around the launch.

The Results

Facebook erupted with activity and talk around what the big reveal would be, and before long we had close to 200 signups everyday coming in over the campaign period. The eDM campaign had an impressive average open rate of 63%. This lead to the app launch being the most effective GME promotion to date.

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