Legrand Galaxy Launch

Launching the first commercial IoT solution, Galaxy

Legrand introduced emergency lighting to the building industry, being the first to meet growing community safety and compliance needs in this space. Despite various innovations and developments around wireless technologies, their current emergency lighting solution was failing to meet the demands of the technology-driven, digitally connected infrastructure space.

Legrand was losing market share to competitors and wanted to reposition themselves as the industry leader. So they developed their first commercial IoT solution, Galaxy.

Put simply, Galaxy is an emergency lighting monitoring system for smart buildings. Manufactured in Australia, it is specifically designed to streamline the process of testing emergency lighting. From specifying and installation, through to day-to-day monitoring and testing, Galaxy creates one simple solution.

 The communication objective:

  • Launch Galaxy to market-creating sufficient interest to attract Specifiers to attend key launch events
  • Educate the market on the key features and associated benefits of the system
  • Reposition Legrand as innovators and leaders in electrical and digital infrastructure

To launch the product to market IMA developed:

  • Creative strategy with multiple creative territories 
  • Communications strategy, launch plan, and associated deliverables
  • Teaser video
  • Product feature video
  • Sales tools
  • Digital display and social media comms 
  • Launch event communications including targeted communications to drive engagement with the leading Architect and Building Specifier audience

Succesful launch events were held in each capital city and across NZ with some events attracting over 200 Architects and Specifiers.

Within three months Galaxy had been specified on five major projects with the product being well accepted by the market.

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