Lysaght launches 100 year anniversary platform

In 2021 Lysaght Australia, a leading shaper of COLORBOND® steel building products, celebrated 100 years as an Australian manufacturer.

Given the significance of the milestone, Lysaght sought to tell its story by capturing and communicating key elements of its success, including its long and proud heritage as a local manufacturer and its strong culture of innovation.

Lysaght engaged IMA to develop and drive the strategic direction, drawing on our proven track record of working with leading local manufacturers and deep knowledge of the steel industry.

An important component in the campaign was video, which was used to capture the heritage aspects of the Lysaght story, with the medium again applied in a series of engaging staff clips where they shared their experiences of working with Lysaght.

Lysaght Marketing Manager, Blake Tasker, said that along with highlighting Lysaght’s heritage and decades of industry innovation, the campaign brought a human element to the company’s achievements.

“While it was important to recognise Lysaght’s business successes in achieving 100 years as an Australian manufacturer, and reinforce our ongoing position as an industry leader, it was also essential to pay tribute to our staff,” Blake said.

“As a company, the manner in which Lysaght engages with people is a key reason for the brand’s continued reverence and success in the construction industry.

“By developing a suite of engaging employee stories, we provided added insight into Lysaght and the essence of the brand.”

IMA Strategy Director, Leo Kerema, who has worked with many of the country’s leading steel brands over several decades, realised the passion within the industry and set about harnessing it to tell the Lysaght story.

“From personal experience, I know that working within the steel industry can really get in your blood – it becomes a part of who you are and generates genuine passion,” Leo said.

“We used this insight and developed a strategy to position Lysaght staff as one of the main focal points for the campaign; in many ways Lysaght’s identity and culture is formed by its employees.

“As an agency we are delighted to have participated in bringing the Lysaght story to life in a meaningful and engaging way for customers, suppliers, partners and employees.”  

Early results are impressive

In the first two weeks of execution alone, over 78,000 opportunities to see the campaign message were generated.

Elements of the Lysaght campaign can be viewed on the company’s website:

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