Motor Trades Care Rebrand

MTC – Creating safer workplaces for the automotive industry

Motor Trades Care (MTC) is a specialist consultancy, working to create safer workplaces and to promote safety and wellbeing in the automotive industry. Backed by the Motor Traders’ Association of New South Wales, MTC has broad industry knowledge and offer businesses easier and more efficient strategies to manage employee work health and safety and recovery at work processes.

Whilst it’s a compelling value proposition, MTC as a start-up organisation needed to develop a brand and properly promote it to the market as quickly as possible.

Our task was to launch the brand to market, helping MTC to refine its value proposition and position its services to prospective customers and the broader industry.

The program saw the IMA team develop a number of initiatives to launch the MTC brand and to promote it to target audiences, including:

  • Renaming the brand to more closely align with the value proposition
  • Refining the value proposition
  • Positioning its unique services and capabilities
  • Help MTC  pivot its service offerings during the COVID-19 crisis, by launching a new return to work outsource offer for automotive businesses
  • Developing a brand identity
  • Formulating a communications plan
  • Developing service and brand collateral
  • Promoting customer success stories
  • Developing social media and content strategies

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